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Regression Obsession

Let's talk about regression. In my practice, not everyone is here to experience regression. And that's perfectly okay! Regression can be wonderful for many, but is also a vulnerable space for some. It's somewhat akin to taking a trip back in time with your emotions.

Some people who come to me aren't really looking for the full back-in-time experience. They might enjoy wearing baby clothes or simply appreciate spending time in my presence that validates them, as they have a normal conversation with me. They don't necessarily want to mentally regress; they're just after the cozy, safe feeling it brings, the relaxation, and sharing it with another human.

Then, there are those who are keen on diving deeper. They wish to genuinely feel and think as if they're babies or toddlers again. But it's crucial to understand that not everyone can or wants to do this. And that's perfectly acceptable.

Regression ABDL, Adult Baby

What I emphasize is this: your session with me is about your well-being, in whatever form that takes. If you don't feel like embracing a baby mindset, there's no pressure. You don't have to perform a theatre play for me or pretend just because you think I expect this from you. Just being yourself, whether regressed or not, is entirely sufficient.

But what does "being yourself" means? Being yourself is actually the cornerstone of genuine progress and transformation. In the context of ABDL regression, it could be about peeling back the layers of societal expectations and personal inhibitions to reveal the core of one's desires and needs.

This authenticity requires vulnerability, a willingness to expose one's true self, with all its complexities and contradictions, to another person, and perhaps more challengingly, to oneself. We have lived this together many times, haven't we? My littles, my visitors. Vulnerability, in this context, requires strength and the courage to acknowledge and embrace one's own need for care, acceptance, and understanding, through an activity that does not conform to typical social norms.

I feel honoured to be able to provide a sanctuary where this vulnerability is not only protected but celebrated. A space where people can express sides of their personality that they may hide from the outside world.

The act of being yourself, especially in a regressed state, involves shedding the armor we wear daily. This armor could be the roles we play, the masks we wear, or the expectations we strive to meet. In its place, we reveal our more innocent, unguarded selves, seeking a connection that is often lost in adulthood. But you can do this in many ways, and regression in just one of them. I rather not have people putting themselves into pressure or getting anxious about regression, because that won't benefit them.

Letting go of the notion that you "must" regress is vital. For one, you can discover plenty of enjoyment even without full regression. Secondly, removing the pressure to regress can actually lead to a more relaxed state of mind... which, ironically, may facilitate regression.

So, the most important thing is just to relax and make the most of your session. As a regressed AB, or simply enjoying your time as you are, it's all valid.

Remember, this is your time, your experience. Let's keep it stress-free and fun, allow things to unfold naturally, embracing your journey, one baby step at a time!

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