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What do I need to bring to a session with Miss Mummy?

I have been asked this question many times, and it's only normal of course.

In a nutshell: nothing.

You can be given absolutely everything you need for your session.

I have a huge collection of AB clothing in all sizes, footed onesies with long sleeves, bodysuit onesies, rompers and dresses. I will ask you for your nappy size and if you have any preference. You can wear plastic pants on top of your nappy if that is what you would enjoy, and even a frilly diaper cover, if that is what pleases you.

Miss Mummy provides ballerina sessions for Adult Babies.

For baby ballerinas, I have ballet shoes in almost all sizes, stockings and bodysuits.

I have big and smaller bibs, and zippy glasses and bottles, of course.

If you don't have your own pacifier, you can use one of mine, that has been conveniently sterilised before use.

But of course, you can bring things that are yours that you are keen on using. For example, some babies have a predilection for a particular piece of clothing, and we have agreed they will bring their own, or their own pacifiers, and even on occasions they wanted to bring their own nappies or a special plush toy.

And some other babies who where on a special diet took their own diet food.

One of the reasons why we need to make the booking with enough time in advance is so that

Miss Mummy ABDL setting

we both know what you are bringing and what I will be providing for you, that can be everything, but I will need more information from you to get it organised.

What you need to bring to a session with Miss Mummy is good vibes, your playfulness and the wish to make the most of your experience. I'll help you with the rest!


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