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The Crinkle Club, an ABDL Podcast

I am proud that we have already reached Episode four of The Crinkle Club, a Podcast in colaboration of my co-host, Comfortably Crinkly, the owner of Crinkly Creations, a Company that sells hand made printed diapers in high quality and is based on the UK.

What a fantastic experience, having this really good talks, and getting to know Crinkly better as well as our first visitor to the Club, Mommy Peach, from Miami Beach!

You can listen to our episodes in Spotify, and up to now they have been:

  1. Introduction about ourselves

  2. Crinkly gives us a very detailed overview of his visit to CAPCON

  3. We received the visit from Mommy Peach

  4. Crinkly and myself speak about regression and what does it mean to us

We are going to make a series of ten episodes before we take a break, but they will remain in Spotify, of course, for you to listen at your own pace.

I look forward to continuing with this fantastic experience, and to be able to let you know myself a bit more, as well as Crinkly and our future guests!


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